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Our Promise

Best Service

Milsons know you need product delivered in time and to exact quantities and specifications.
We focus our business on making that happen every time, and we deliver overnight, nationwide.

Milsons’ strict code of continual improvement means we are always working on better ways to get product to you with accuracy and speed.

Our operational systems mean we can follow an item from order, right through to proof of delivery and regular customer follow up.

When flexibility and versatility are what’s called for, we respond by offering split packs, obscure items, huge quantities, prompt response - whatever you need we make it happen.With a loyal and stable workforce, our business is still based on one simple question: “How can we help?”

Biggest Range

Milsons have the biggest range of fasteners in New Zealand from nuts, bolts, screws and washers, to threaded rod and socket screws, as well as engineering supplies: bronze bars/bushes, key steel, grease nipples, shaft collars, cotter pins, oilite bushes, dowel pins, silver steel and B7 stud bolts. With the planned addition of stainless steel fasteners, our range of stock is growing all the time. We reliably have 99.6% of our catalogued range on the shelf at all times, and we are constantly growing and strengthening our product offering.

‘The extent and scope of the Milsons range is unmatched. A stand out company in all aspects.’

Most Stock

With 2000 tonne of stock and 8500 stock lines we have millions of individual stock items available in our warehouse. When down to 11 month’s supply held on site, we reorder from suppliers to ensure we have on hand what you need, when you need it.

Over 99% of our range is always in stock Milsons is a fourth generation family business and is resolutely New Zealand owned. With our long history comes experience and the true amalgamation of traditional values and a knowledge of both todays and future industry needs. We listen to our customers and supply them what they need. We’ve shifted and reshaped our business to reflect changing needs and requirements for our clients. We’re fast but thorough, precise but dynamic. “Milsons is centrally located in Palmerston North which means your order will be processed and delivered quick smart, wherever you’re located.”



Milsons Promise VideoThe Milsons Promise

"There’s no better supplier in New Zealand than Milsons. They’re fast, efficient and easy to deal with. And they have a knowledge of the needs of the industry that’s unbeatable."
John Smith

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